Maryland Bass Lessons​​
 with Dave DeMarco

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Lesson Concepts 

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  1. Music Theory
    In all aspects of life we are taught to look for patterns to guide us. Music theory helps you see the patterns that are woven throughout songs so you can spend more time being creative and learn songs quicker. After all, it's the language of music!
  2. Technique Tune-up
    Your hands are the conduit between the music in your head and your instrument so it's frustrating when they won't move the way you want them to. Proper technique aids in speed building and muscle memory while reducing cramping and fatigue.
  3. How To Practice
    Books and videos show you what to practice but never explain HOW to practice. Developing efficient practice habits helps you get more out of each practice session.
  4. Ear Training
    Ever wasted an afternoon reading tabs only to find out that the part isn't right? Get your ears happening and kiss those tab sites goodbye!
  5. Finding Your Tone
    Now more than ever, the tools for creating the bass tone of your dreams are at your fingertips. I'll help you work with your existing gear to get the tone in your head to come out of your amp. If needed, I can recommend other gear in your quest for sonic ecstacy!
  6. Fundamentals
    Understanding the basics of rhythm, learning the fretboard, proper technique, the ins and outs of your gear, how to learn songs - whether you're a beginner or you've been at it a while, let's get these crucial elements knocked out now so they don't come back to haunt you.

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  1. Chord Studies
    You will play more confidently and write better lines when you understand the chords that your band-mates are playing. Or, learn to be a master of bass chords ala Stanley Clarke, Les Claypool, Geddy Lee or Anthony Jackson!
  2. Defining Your Style
    Maybe you've been playing a while and feel your playing is too derivative or lacking in personality. Let's put it under the microscope so we can see what you do best and target areas for growth so you can feel more self-expressed.
  3. Reading Charts & Notation
    If you aspire to play jazz, country or gospel, reading charts is a must. Notation - while not necessary for many types of gigs, will enhance your musicianship and enable you to learn music which may seem out of reach.
  4. Music Biz 101
    If you write and record music you'll need to understand Publishing, Royalties & Licensing. If you gig, a solid understanding of common contracts will save you lots of grief and MONEY!
  5. Recording
    Whether you're in an original band that wants to release its own music or a cover band that needs a killer demo, knowing your way around a DAW (digital audio workstation) is crucial. I'm a ProTools guy and can get you up to speed!


Hour lessons:   $60​
Half-hour lessons:  $30 

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